While the Earth Remains

The 8th Chapter of Genesis begins with the words “And God remembered Noah…”  What a wonderful thought to consider!  After all Noah had been through, in his loneliest moment, God remembered him in the ark.  Not only did God remember him, but He also remembered all of the lives with them upon the ark.

God remembered Noah, but Noah also remembered God.  The first thing Noah built when he got off the ark was a place to worship God.  He offered up a sacrifice upon that altar and showed us a picture of the sacrifice God would provide for man thousands of years in the future when He sent Jesus Christ to be our propitiation and salvation.

God’s promise to Noah was that he would never again destroy the world through a flood as long as the Earth remained.  There are several things we learn about the character of God in this passage.

We learn that while the Earth remains (an ongoing promise) the Lord will be actively involved in the affairs of humanity.  We learn that while the Earth remains the Lord will be sovereign.  We learn that the Lord will provide.  We learn the Lord will be our Salvation.

God truly is good to us.  He has done his part.  Let us all be like Noah and remember the Lord in our life and worship Him with all of our being.  God bless each and every one of you.


Sunday’s Message:  “While the Earth Remains” (Genesis 8:20-22)

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